You'll Gain...

Clarity on your unique brand value and how to communicate it - Visually, Verbally, Intangibly, Strategically

Elevate Your Brand

You will walk through concepts, rationale and exercises that legacy brands use to maintain a strong foundation and brand loyalty.

“I did Brand YOU to help with rebranding my business. After 22 years in PR/Marketing I learned so much and now have an actionable business development plan.”

Jeanette B - Publicist & CEO

“It’s not heavy handed, it’s clear, it’s concise, gets rid of all the fluff and builds confidence…my writing is flowing now because I know more about why I’m writing.”

Leihei E - Author & Visual Artist

“Melissa is very talented. She helped Red Rabbit find our core mission, the words and the direction.... That allowed us to rebrand during COVID and really set us up for success.”

Naaema A - Chief Business Officer

Get It Done

You won't only add to your knowledge of marketing and brand development, you'll get things DONE!

  • Clarify your brand identity and communicate clearly on who you are, what you do and why you do it.

  • Uncover exactly how to attract your CORE consumer and partners because you know exactly who they are beyond the surface.

  • Develop your marketing strategy that is built to focus on a clear outcome while positioning your brand for legacy.

Not Just Theory

You work toward completing milestones that result in solid deliverables.

You have options, choose what works best for you...

1. Access to Brand YOU on demand sessions only.

2. Include our Brand Style Guide, Marketing Strategy and Execution Plan templates to complete your own deliverables with the knowledge you gain from the on demand sessions.

3.  Participate in live small group sessions with additional support and access to digital workbook assignments that lead to 'done with you' completed deliverables.

4. One to one private coaching through the program with 'done for you' completed deliverables.


Complete assignments after each session in your personal virtual workbook to keep track of your discovery and have your data apply to the creation of your Brand Style Guide, Marketing Strategy and accompanying deliverables.


Your reference for everything that makes up your brand identity from visuals to ethics.


Comprehensive documentation of your launch approach and rationale followed by directives on steps for executing your strategy.

Your Facilitator

Creator of Brand YOU & The Launch Ladder Method

Melissa Archie

"After nearly two decades as a sales & marketing executive working with international and local small businesses, government agencies, nonprofits and public figures - I realized that what I really love is helping ambitious and passionate people to get clear about how they can do what they a business."

“It was a really empowering experience…I almost cried when I saw the results of what I created.”

IIsha H - Author, Healing Practitioner

“It was a great program. Helped me build a great mark with structure and foundation for my business.”

Jonta H. - Beauty Salon Owner

“Melissa helped us to identify events as a key element for connecting with our audience as a lifestyle brand. She helped us leverage unique experiences in a way that made them a launchpad for growing our social following and tripling our revenue.”

Cliff H - Founder & CEO

Program Curriculum

Here's what we'll cover in the program.

    1. Brand YOU Orientation

    2. Get Brand Style Guide Ready

    1. Define Your Purpose

    2. Find Your Story

    1. Define Your Audience

    2. Claim Your Brand

    1. Identify the Priority Objective

    2. SWOT it Out

    1. Marketing Strategy

    2. Lay the Plan


Grow Your Brand + Build Connection + Create Legacy